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iPhone 7s Are Not Exploding Just Like The Note 7, And Probably Won’t Be Recalled


It’s true that a customer reported that their brand new iPhone 7 Plus allegedly exploded. But there is no need for Apple fans around the world to start panicking.

No, iPhone 7s are not exploding just like the Note 7s and there is a very high chance that there will not be a recall on Apple’s new smartphones.

Photos of a iPhone 7 Plus that appears to have exploded were posted on Reddit this week, and has since fueled rumors that all iPhone 7s are about to meet the same fate as the Note 7 and burn up in flames.

The Reddit user kroopthesnoop informed the community about the situation his co-worker found himself in when his iPhone 7 Plus arrived. The smartphone appeared to be “running a little hot” as the title of the post humorously suggests because photos reveal that the device appeared to overheat while out for shipping.

In a series of photos shared, there is no denying something horrible happened to this iPhone 7 Plus before reaching the customer. The device packaging does looks crisp and black marks reveal it could have been burnt. The damage was extensive enough to rip past the iPhone and the AT&T packaging, with dents and damage clearly being caused to the device itself.

(Photo : kroopthesnoop )

The Redditor claims the co-worker did not use the phone, and it came shipped this way.

After making headlines, Apple reportedly reached out to the redditor to get more information about the incident. The company then called the customer and reportedly is working with AT&T to provide a replacement.

Apple and AT&T has not publicly commented on the matter.

Despite having photos to prove the iPhone 7 Plus was severely damaged, even if the cause of the explosion was overheating, this is most likely an isolated incident. It doesn’t mean that all sudden all iPhone 7s are going to start exploding, too.

And it’s not like the smartphone blew up in flames when being charged or when in the customers pocket. We can’t blame the battery or make any assumptions as to how this one case of the iPhone 7 Plus exploded. It could be that maybe something happened while it was out for shipping to cause it to get this amount of damage.

Still, the truth is that unfortunately sometimes phones explode. And iPhones are not exempt from this. For example, there have been cases the iPhone 6 exploding, with an Australian customer as recent as last month suffering from third degree burns when it happened to him.

While it’s safe to assume the iPhone 7 Plus won’t be recalled for exploding any time soon, one can never say never. It started with just one Samsung Note 7 explosion report. Then more and more incidents were reported, which then led to the mass recall.

Apple did openly admit that the Jet Black iPhone 7 scratches easily, so if there were in fact a mass problem, customers could only hope it would address it immediately.

Until then, don’t cancel your preorders as customers continue to wait for their Jet Black models. There is a good chance it will arrive combustion-free.

Source: Reddit

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