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Weekend poll: How much did you pay for your current smartphone?

Around a year and a half ago, I asked you how much your smartphone cost. Today, I’m asking again, and very I’m curious to see how much the results will have shifted over time.

When I ran this poll in late 2015, the plurality of you answered in the $400-599 bracket, with $300-399 coming in second. Very few of you paid more than $800 for your smartphone, too – around 5%.

With the Galaxy S8+ and 128GB Google Pixel XL both being fairly popular handsets and both generally costing over $800, I have to wonder just how much of a boost that price bracket will see in our polling. Additionally, I have to wonder if the previously-popular $400-599 segment will see reduced numbers as a result.

Anyway, let’s get voting. Discuss in the comments below.

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