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Top 10 Useful Apps That Are Not On Google Play Store

Top 10 Useful Apps That Are Not On Google Play Store

Android phone users are mostly content with the massive variety of applications they can simply download from Google Play Store and can upgrade at will by paying as much as they like. However, the Google Play Store is not your only friend when it comes to getting more apps.

Are there worthy applications other than those you find on Google Play Store? Absolutely yes, so join us as we explore the ten best useful applications not available on the popular Google Play Store.

  1. Lucky Patcher

You may not be a cheater in life because of morals, but it is a lot of fun to hack games and applications according to your will, for which Lucky Patcher is an excellent application to keep you occupied.

  1. iTunes

We know that music applications have their own storage that connects to your device’s memory, but what you download does not directly go in your phone/card’s memory, unless you have iTunes which allows direct and convenient access.

  1. VideoMix

To stream the best movies online and gain access to limitless genres, one usually has to pay an amount or subscribe to a website. If you download VideoMix however, you can stay free of the formalities and get video services which are equally as good.

  1. Torrent Search

You might search for Torrents relating to what you want to download, but have you ever heard of searching for the right website offering the Torrents? This application is exactly that information haven that grants you piracy and privacy.

  1. Amazon App Store

An app store used to download other apps will, understandably so, not promote other such stores. But when you gain Access to the Amazon App Store, then the name shows the great services you can expect.

  1. Tubemate

Youtube is great indeed, but what if you want to have a video downloaded to watch in your free time when you might not have the internet? Google Play Store has many relevant apps, but none comes close to the convenient and professional Tubemate.

  1. F-Droid

Usually, high-end organizations avoid dealing with open source software simply because it can easily be modified by anyone, but some open-source applications are really worth exploring, and F-Droid is the best app to get you access to them.

  1. X-posed Framework

So you rooted your Android Device, but do not know how to modify it according to your desires; what do you do? Obtain X-posed framework and make all the alterations you need to fully customize your phone.

  1. MiXPlorer

This is a wonderful file manager that keeps your phone well organized without you even knowing it, and the search option grants you access to all the data you need in your phone very fast.

  1. Adaway

If you are tired of all the Ads bugging your game and want to remove them permanently, download the efficient Adaway, which directs any requests for advertisement display to a non-existing IP address.

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