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This Super-Extra Engagement Ring Smartphone Case Delivers the Ultimate Proposal Selfie

What’s the point of getting engaged if you don’t post it on Instagram, amiright? Well, not quite. Proposals and engagements are really about committing yourself to the love of your life (and all that gross, mushy stuff), but in this day and age it’s easy to lose sight of that. With engagement ring and proposal selfies taking over your Instagram feed, it can seem a lot more about memorializing the moment on film than the actual moment itself. And nothing is better proof of that than this engagement ring smartphone case that captures the very moment she says yes. It’s just as extra as it sounds…

Hoping for the perfect social media moment when they ask those four little words? First of all, reexamine those priorities. Second of all, if you’re still longing for those likes, the RokShok is for you. This inconspicuous-looking smartphone case actually doubles as a ring box. Your fiancé-to-be can stash your bling inside and then when the moment is right, reveal the ring with one simple motion.

The sparkler will pop up, positioned perfectly in front of the camera, to film both your “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it!” reaction and the ring itself. A proposal video and engagement ring selfie in one? Just think of all the likes! (And eye rolls…)

So basically, instead of getting down on one knee and presenting you with a velvet ring box, your love will whip out their iPhone and you can say yes directly to that Apple logo. Romantic, yes?

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Now don’t get us wrong: We’re total super-fans of the engagement ring selfie. But it seems like this new gadget takes you out of the moment and focuses more on social media than you and your sweetheart—and that’s what’s important, right?

The best rule of thumb? Before you hit the ‘Gram and post that ring selfie, bask privately in the post-proposal glow with your new fiancé. Trust—it’ll feel much better than a bunch of likes.


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