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The Next Major Android Version May Hide Carrier Signal Strength

Pokemon Go gameplay: Playing Nintendo’s hit smartphone app on the streets of London Android Open Source Project commits spotted by XDA Developers revealed that carriers may hide signal strengths starting with Android 9.0 P. Why should this matter to Android smartphone owners?  ( Android | Twitter ) The next major …

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Bitcoin’s Price Drops Sending Panic In The Cryptocurrency Market

How cryptocurrency is changing the world Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment. With prices soaring people who recently bought into the market are experiencing a hard crash.  ( Getty Images ) Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were on a magnificent wave of seemingly endless growth this past year. That run came to an end today as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum...

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Best Apps To Install If You Want To Save Money In 2018

Pokemon Go gameplay: Playing Nintendo's hit smartphone app on the streets of London Smartphone apps are usually designed for entertainment and sometimes cost money to download. However, these are some useful apps that could help save users some money this 2018.  ( Mint | Intuit ) Most apps are designed to help users ...

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CNN Kills Snapchat Show ‘The Update’ 4 Months After Launch

Watch President Robert Mugabe’s son pour champagne over $60,000 watch CNN has decided to terminate its daily Snapchat show, “The Update,” only four months after its launch.  ( Robyn Beck | Getty ) CNN will reportedly stop producing the daily show for the Snapchat app starting in the new year, …

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What to do before selling or donating your phone – CNET

Before you retire your trusty old phone in favor of something shiny and new, think twice about tossing it away blindly. In addition to all the precious digital content and media your phone accumulated, it holds a wealth of sensitive personal data that you don’t want disappearing or falling into …

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Google’s Family Link unlocks Android for kids – CNET

Google Family Link lets you track your kids' app usage -- and physical location. Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET About six years ago, a 5-year-old girl asked her mother why her Google search for "train" failed to show her anything about Thomas the Tank Engine, the cheeky cartoon character that's ...

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