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Google Maps now will tell you it’s time to get off the bus – CNET

Google Maps will now tell you when you've arrived at your train station -- like Caltrain's San Francisco terminal -- or when it's time to change bus lines. Stephen Shankland/CNET If you've ever worried about missing your stop, take heart: Google Maps will help you manage public transit a little better now. For people using the navigation service ...

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Krew Mobile unveils affordable phone plan for families – CNET

Krew Mobile The writing is on the wall: Your kids are going to need smartphones. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon -- and for the rest of their lives. That means a big bump in your monthly bill, right? Not necessarily. Newcomer Krew Mobile has put together a family- and budget-friendly smartphone plan: three...

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Add missing places to your Google Maps Timeline on Android – CNET

googleplus The Timeline feature in Google Maps is relatively accurate when it comes to tracking where you've been. It's especially useful if you misplaced a personal item sometime during your day, like a credit card, an ID or your wallet. Google Maps already has a solution for editing locations that are incorrect within your Timeline (businesses that are close...

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Add shortcuts for Hangouts conversations to your home screen – CNET

googleplus The most recent update to Google Hangouts includes a handful of cosmetic changes, the ability to quick reply from the notification shade, and something new: conversation shortcuts. The conversation shortcut feature is very similar to Facebook Messenger's chat heads. However, instead of using a bubble that floats on your screen (and ...

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