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The ‘Yelp For People’ Is Now Live, But Where’s The Peeple?

The controversial people-rating app Peeple launched, but there's not a whole lot going on with it.(Photo : Peep Inc) You might have heard about that controversial app that allows users to rate people in the same way they would a new restaurant. Because why not recommend someone as a significant other or for a job in...

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Lollipop is now the hottest flavor of Android – CNET

Lollipop is finally the most installed version of Android after more than a year. Google Android Lollipop has finally risen to top of the Android candy chain. After playing second fiddle to KitKat for more than a year, Lollipop has taken the lead by expanding onto 36.1 percent of all Android devices, according to the latest stats...

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Fast Radio Bursts Continue To Baffle Scientists: What Are They, Where They Come From And Why Should You Care

Astronomers have detected multi-flash fast radio bursts coming from the direction of the Auriga constellation for the past four years. The new discovery suggests that these brief flashes of radio waves in the sky could originate from cosmic sources that are capable of sending out bursts repeatedly.(Photo : Kevin Gill | Flickr) For years, scientists have tried to...

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Here’s what’s new in Google Photos v1.5 – CNET

Google recently updated the Photos service on the Web with adjustments to the editing tools. Now the Android app for the service is getting improvements as well. Among these are big changes for the Assistant and Collections areas, as well as tweaks to in-app navigation. Version 1.15 of Google Photos is still rolling out. If you want...

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