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Add missing places to your Google Maps Timeline on Android – CNET

googleplus The Timeline feature in Google Maps is relatively accurate when it comes to tracking where you've been. It's especially useful if you misplaced a personal item sometime during your day, like a credit card, an ID or your wallet. Google Maps already has a solution for editing locations that are incorrect within your Timeline (businesses that are close...

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The British Government Can Now Record The Internet History Of Every UK Citizen

Parliament has decided to pass a piece of legislation that would allow the government to record the Internet history of every citizen in the United Kingdom.(Photo : Parliament) George Orwell, the British author of the ultimate dystopian surveillance novel 1984, would not be pleased with the recent legislative moves of his mother country. Parliament has decided...

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The Turing Phone Drops Android For Sailfish OS

The Turing Phone, which has been delayed to April, will ship with Sailfish OS instead of Android. The switch is a perplexing one, given that customers have already preordered the supposedly unhackable, unbreakable and waterproof device.(Photo : Turing Phone | Twitter) The Turing Phone, unveiled in mid-2015, is a 5.5-inch Android-powered smartphone that is made out of liquidmorphium...

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Almost no one is using Android Marshmallow, still – CNET

googleplus Android Marshmallow is slowly finding its way to more devices. CNET Marshmallow, the latest flavor of Google's Android mobile operating system, is still on only a tiny fraction of devices. But it looks like it's starting to stick. Launched in early October, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is on 1.2 percent of Android devices, according to the ...

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Google Fiber Phone Rolling Out For Testing, Bundling Google Voice Features

Rumors of Google Fiber Phone reached the media. The telecom service beta program could be just another sign that Google aims to directly compete with rivals from the cable industry that offer cable and phone packages.(Photo : Google) A number of Google's high-speed Internet subscribers received invitations to an experimental telephone service, hinting that Google ...

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