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Apple Working On Truly Wireless Earbuds For iPhone 7: Report

Apple is said to be developing a set of truly wireless earphones. The device will be the first major hardware product following Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics.(Photo : Fe Ilya | Flickr) Apple may launch a new type of "premium" earbuds this fall following its acquisition of Beats Electronics. The new product is said to be truly wireless and may...

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Apple Acquires Facial-Recognition Startup Emotient

Apple has purchased a company called Emotient, which has built a technology that uses artificial intelligence to detect user emotions.(Photo : Stephen Lam | Getty Images) Apple has purchased Emotient Inc., a startup that has created an artificially intelligent computer that is able to read emotions by looking at the subject's face. It's not yet clear exactly what...

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Rumor: ‘iPhone 7’ Latest Leak Shows Display Backlight, Updated Design For 3D Touch Sensors And Relocated Flex Cables

Images of the iPhone 7's LCD backlight panel that leaked online shows an updated 3D Touch sensor design. Moreover, the flex cables in the smartphone's display panel have been relocated.(Photo : NoWhereElse) Rumors of the iPhone 7 had started to surface in the smartphone space soon after Apple launched the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus ...

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Apple Blew Its Holiday Season Sales Record To Smithereens With In-App Purchases

Like its infamous, dystopian, '1984'-style commercial featuring a woman smashing a movie screen with a hurtling mallet, Apple has broken another record - this time, its all-time record for holiday season sales.(Photo : Ben Cappellacci | Flickr ) Like its infamous, dystopian, 1984-style commercial featuring a woman smashing a movie screen with a hurtling mallet, Apple...

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