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Coconut Oil Helps Reduce Heart Disease And Stroke Chances, Study Shows

Debbie Reynolds dies aged 84 one day after daughter Carrie Fisher A new study claims that coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, contrary to recent claims that the substance is unhealthy. Research showed that regular consumption of coconut oil resulted in higher levels of good cholesterol.  ( Pixabay ) Coconut oil may help ...

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Is Your iPad Being Throttled? Short Answer Is No

Are smartphones making teenagers depressed? Apple is throttling iPhones, and now the question is, does it slow down iPads too? According to the Cupertino brand, it doesn’t, and it’s probably because it doesn’t need to.  ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images ) With Apple throttling iPhones, some iPad owners might …

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Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Here’s What Science Has To Say

Switzerland Bans Citizens From Boiling Lobsters Alive Can lobsters feel pain the same way humans and other animals can? Scientists have tried to answer this question for quite some time now but have reached different conclusions. Here’s what they have to say about it.  ( Mogens Petersen | Pixabay ) …

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