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Lenovo And Google Announce Partnership To Develop Project Tango Smartphone

Lenovo and Google have teamed up to create the first Project Tango-enabled smartphone that is slated for the summer of 2016.(Photo : Google) Computer technology company and smartphone maker Lenovo announced that is has partnered with Google to develop a Project Tango-enabled smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The first consumer ...

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Apple Acquires Facial-Recognition Startup Emotient

Apple has purchased a company called Emotient, which has built a technology that uses artificial intelligence to detect user emotions.(Photo : Stephen Lam | Getty Images) Apple has purchased Emotient Inc., a startup that has created an artificially intelligent computer that is able to read emotions by looking at the subject's face. It's not yet clear exactly what...

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Rumor: ‘iPhone 7’ Latest Leak Shows Display Backlight, Updated Design For 3D Touch Sensors And Relocated Flex Cables

Images of the iPhone 7's LCD backlight panel that leaked online shows an updated 3D Touch sensor design. Moreover, the flex cables in the smartphone's display panel have been relocated.(Photo : NoWhereElse) Rumors of the iPhone 7 had started to surface in the smartphone space soon after Apple launched the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus ...

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NASA Says A Black Hole Is Burping

The supermassive black hole, which is 26 million light years away, is ejecting gas it once 'ate.' Pictured here is a NASA rendering that shows NGC 5195, and within it, the X-rays showing its gas emissions.(Photo : NASA) The next time your mom tells you not to burp at the table, tell ...

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