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How to Identify Your Smartphone from a Single Photo

Let’s talk about forensics, cameras, and how point & shoot cameras may actually protect your privacy a bit better than smartphone camera apps. Does that sound weird? It is – and we’re just getting started. First, the forensics: it’s a process called PRNU, or photo-response non-uniformity. Basically, when you look …

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Review | Oppo F5 Youth smartphone review

Chinese smartphone giant Oppo has gained its identity by producing handsets that highlight its selfie-capturing skills and mid-range pricing. To prove the latter, it follows up the Oppo F5 flagship with the slightly-identical F5 Youth. When we said “slightly,” we meant a hair-thin difference that it’s hard to identify which …

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Premium look, premium performance, budget price

If commercials are to be believed, everybody needs to spend $800 – $1000 USD on their smartphone because of some magic juice inside, or some other such nonsense. What if that weren’t the case? Can a $200 smartphone really handle all of your needs? The NUU Mobile X5 is one …

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