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Razer Unveiling Its First Smartphone On 1 November

After sharing a tantalizing tease on social media, Razer is set to announce its newest venture this 1 November. Razer’s CEO, Tan Min-Liang, said that the project has been in development for years, and he is excited to reveal all to the world soon.

A glimpse of the project was teased on Senior VP/GM of Mobile at Razer Tom Moss’s Twitter page, as we reported before. In Min-Liang’s pocket, there seems to be a smartphone-like device with a Razer logo embossed on it.

Now a website teasing “Our biggest unveiling” has appeared, with a page where interested parties can sign up for updates and news. The image on the site shows a man, holding what seems like a smartphone enjoying content on the go – which we suspect will be focused on gaming and entertainment.

Will a gaming smartphone work in today’s environment? We look forward how Razer will integrate Nextbit’s DNA into its smartphone, when it launches on 1st November.

(Source: Razer )


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