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Opera Mini For Android Gets Enhanced Video Playback To Become ‘The Fastest Browser For Video’

Android users will now be able to enjoy uninterrupted video and minimized video loading delays on their devices with the enhanced playback feature brought by Opera Mini.

The faster loading is due to a new feature in Opera Mini known as video boost, which works by reducing the data size of a video content. The result is an optimized content that loads faster.

It’s no secret that while most owners use their devices as a convenient way to stay connected and to access information whenever and wherever they want, the mobility also comes with data speed and reliability problems.

Most users also seem to have little patience when dealing with video buffering. A video that has a lot of interruptions and requires waiting for it to load somehow compels them to just stop watching altogether.

In a study made by Convina, about 33 percent of mobile device owners said that they have stopped viewing a video content in just a span of 30 seconds or less if the video quality is poor. About 75 percent of users fully abandon their viewing of a poor quality video after playing it for only four minutes or less.

Data from Ericsson Mobility Report says that 55 percent of data traffic on mobile devices will be made up of video content by 2020. It also revealed that social networking makes up 15 percent of the sources of mobile data traffic, which is speculated to remain the same in 2020.

According to Opera Mini, video boost is one important feature particularly for those who have a limited data plan and who experience a slow Internet connection. The new feature allows users to view more video content under the same data plan they are subscribed to.

To start using video boost, Android users need to take only three short steps.

1. Tap the “O” found in the menu.
2. Change to high-savings mode.
3. Tick the box found beside video boost in order to switch it on.

Going through these steps will also allow users to know the number of videos that have been optimized.

The early rollout of the new video boost feature is now available as a free download from Google Play.

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