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Omate Wherecom S3 Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET


A Chinese company has created a Dick Tracey-style smartwatch for your grandparents. Omate on Tuesday announced the Wherecom S3. It’s an Android-powered smartwatch with GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G cellular connectivity, which means it can function without being connected to a smartphone.

In addition to telling the time, the watch can be used to make calls, send text messages, track steps and remind senior citizens when it’s time to take their medication. The S3 can also act as a Life Alert-esque emergency device. A red SOS button on the side of the watch can be pressed in the event of an emergency (such as a fall) to send the wearer’s GPS location to specific contacts.




Other features include interchangeable watch straps and up to three days of battery life. It’s unclear, however, if the watch can be worn in the shower or while swimming.

The Omate Wherecom S3 is slated to launch in September in Europe for €149. Pricing and availability weren’t announced for the U.S. or Australia, but the European price converts to about £115, $170 or AU$230.


  • Android
  • 37x38x13.9mm
  • 2G/3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth
  • 1.54-inch color touchscreen with a 320×320-pixel resolution
  • MediaTek 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 4GB of internal storage
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 600mAh battery for up to three days of usage
  • SOS quick-alert button
  • Pedometer


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