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Do you prefer small or large smartphone displays?

A big part of this decision comes down to how good (or bad) your vision is. Seeing as how we live in a world where 6-inch smartphone screens have quickly become the norm, it’s hard to believe that the first Galaxy Note and its 5.3-inch display caused the … Source

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NASA’s Juno Captures Close-Up Image Of Jupiter’s Colorful Clouds

NASA Releases Photos of Jupiter's Mysterious Great Red Spot The gas planet Jupiter is known for its turbulent cloud motions that produce the most beautiful pictures. Recently, NASA has released another striking image featuring the planet’s northern hemisphere.   ( JunoCam | NASA ) NASA has released yet another spectacular image of Jupiter's turbulent and colorful clouds, this...

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Hackers Could Blow Up Factories Using Smartphone Apps

Many companies let workers monitor and manage machines—and sometimes entire industrial processes—via mobile apps. The apps promise efficiency gains, but they also create targets for cyberattacks. At worst, hackers could exploit the flaws to destroy machines—and potentially entire factories. Two security researchers, Alexander Bolshev of IOActive and Ivan Yushkevich of …

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What Happened to Zuma Satellite After SpaceX Launch?

[DELETE] SpaceX Unveils Falcon 9 Heavy Rocket Before Mysterious Zuma Mission SpaceX said suggestions that the spy satellite Zuma has been lost are categorically false. Future launches will proceed as scheduled, including the much-anticipated maiden flight of Falcon Heavy.   ( Pixabay ) The Zuma mission satellite is not lost …

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