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Microsoft on foldable smartphone design

Microsoft’s hardware boss, Panos Panay.Drew Angerer/Getty Images Microsoft has filed a patent for a nifty hinge for a foldable smartphone that would let you use two screens at any angle — lending more credence to reports that Microsoft is working on a foldable smartphone to debut in 2018. In the …

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New Sharp FS8015 bezel-less smartphone spotted on TENNA

Sharp is continuously pushing the envelope in bezel-less display segment. Within a week two bezel-less Sharp smartphones have paid a visit to TENNA certification website. The first handset Sharp FS8018 appeared on TENNA in the start of this week and showed a 5.48-inch screen with one-of-its kind screen resolution of …

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Sex Trafficking Sting Finds Microsoft, Amazon Workers As Clients

Five things to know about the Xbox One X A sex trafficking sting made interesting reveals including the fact that employees from Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech companies used their work emails to buy prostitution services. The companies say it’s against their policies.  ( Valery Hache | Getty Images ) …

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Baba Vanga Predictions Suggest 2 Major Events For 2018

Oscars 2017: Who will win the big prizes at the Academy Awards? For 2018, Baba Vanga predicted that China will overtake the United States. The blind mystic from Bulgaria also said explorers will come home bearing news of a new energy form discovered on Venus.  ( Gerd Altmann | Pixabay …

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NTU study says hackers can use sensors in your smartphone to crack PIN

A new study out of NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) indicates that hackers could use smartphones internal sensors to crack users PIN codes. NTU researchers say that all of the tech bits inside your phone — including the proximity sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer — are a potential security vulnerability. The researchers …

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Bitcoin’s Price Drops Sending Panic In The Cryptocurrency Market

How cryptocurrency is changing the world Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment. With prices soaring people who recently bought into the market are experiencing a hard crash.  ( Getty Images ) Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were on a magnificent wave of seemingly endless growth this past year. That run came to an end today as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum...

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