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Microsoft’s Windows Phone Continuum Could Be Copied by Another Android Company

Microsoft hasn’t invented the idea of turning a phone into a PC with the help of external displays and docks, but the software giant has certainly made it more compelling, not only for buyers across the world, but also for other phone makers.

Similar to Motorola’s Atrix which debuted in 2011, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL launched in October 2015 with Continuum, a feature that allows a phone to double as a PC when connected to a bigger display such as a monitor or a projector. And now the same system is becoming a more widespread feature among Android devices, with giant Samsung itself launching it as DeX for the S8 flagship series.

But rumor has it that Huawei itself is looking into similar functionality for the upcoming Mate 10 smartphone, though this time features could be brought to another level.

French website FrAndroid writes that Huawei wants to launch a Continuum-like feature that would work with the majority of docks, which means that the company might not necessarily launch a dock of its own.

Microsoft believed to have abandoned the project

The report indicates that Huawei’s system could use DisplayPort to connect to a dock and to bigger displays, which could be a problem given that HDMI is currently the most widespread connector for such features.

Any other specifics are not available for the time being, but it’s believed that full details would be shared in just a few days when Huawei takes the wraps off the Mate 10.

In the case of Continuum, Windows phones require a special dock that makes it possible to connect devices to bigger screens, with Windows 10 Mobile operating system then adapting to the new resolution and allowing the work with a mouse and keyboard – which can also be connected thanks to USB ports available in the same dock.

In the meantime, however, Microsoft appears to have abandoned the idea of a phone that can double as a PC, with Android makers pushing more aggressively for the adoption of such features.


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