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Lenovo Shows Off First Functional Foldable Smartphone And We're Pretty Impressed

The Chinese budget smartphone maker has unveiled their very own fully functional foldable smartphone.The device is called the Folio and it is essentially a tablet that has a flexible screen. The foldable screen allows a user to fold a tablet up into a dual-screen smartphone. By converting it into a smartphone, it essentially means that a user can carry a tablet in their pocket. 

However, the sad news is that the Folio is just a concept at the moment and is not going to be produced anytime soon. However, Lenovo has managed to make a foldable smartphone dream come true and you can see in the video that the device can easily be converted from a 7.8-inch tablet to a 5.5-inch dual screen smartphone. In order to put it into better perspective, the folding device essentially shrunk from an iPad mini to an iPhone 7 Plus. Now, that is super impressive! The device also has an edge-to-edge display which we have already seen on devices like the Galaxy S8. 

There also seems to be a drawback to this concept. Once folded, the device’s back becomes a screen when folded and is more susceptible to scratches and fall damage. Lenovo says that the second screen can be used as a camera viewfinder for the people around you. However, the fact that there may be durability issues does not make this concept feasible. 

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The device is currently running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor and has a resolution display of 1920 X 1440. There is no word on camera specs or even the pricing, however, we can assume that this particular device would be very expensive given the amount of time, research and development that has been dedicated to a working smartphone with a flexible screen. 

Samsung and LG are also flirting with flexible devices and it is rumoured that both companies may unveil a similar device by the end of 2017 or early 2018. If you would like to see how the magic unfolds on this device, have a look at the video below. 


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