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Huawei To Join The Foldable Smartphone Race

Foldable smartphones may be the second big trend of 2018. According to CNET, Huawei already has a working foldable smartphone prototype and may be releasing it to the market next year.

Richard Yu was quoted during the Mate 10 launch that the company has a working device using foldable screen. The biggest limitation to release is the foldable screen itself. Huawei is waiting for a better flexible screen technology to emerge, and also still deciding on the mechanism of the folding action.

The current prototype features two screens – similar to the design idea of the recently launched ZTE Axon M. However, Yu said that there is still the gap between the two screens that needs to go, and he has the R&D team working hard in figuring out how to achieve that.

Huawei will be joining Samsung and ZTE in creating foldable smartphones. Samsung is still finalizing their design concept, while ZTE has gone ahead and launched the Axon M to limited markets. Will 2018 be the year of the foldable smartphone? We’re about to find out soon.

(Source: CNET)


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