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Huawei Confirms Mate 10 Pro Smartphone Sales to Start in U.S. Feb. 4

Huawei will start selling its latest flagship smartphone, the $799 unlocked Mate 10 Pro, in the United States through select retailers in February, four months after launching the phone in other parts of the world.

When the Mate 10 Pro was unveiled last October, Huawei launched it in staggered markets around the globe, but gave no details on when it would be offered for sale in the U.S.

That changed at CES 2018 on Jan. 9, when the company announced that U.S.-bound Mate 10 Pro preorders will begin Feb. 4, with sales beginning in stores on Feb. 18. The handsets will be offered for sale through major electronics retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, Microsoft, Newegg and B&H.

The Mate 10 Pro is built to operate on GSM networks in the U.S. including AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile and Tracfone.

“We’ve experienced unprecedented growth worldwide and are now bringing our award-winning products to the U.S.,” Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said in a statement.

Also coming to the U.S. market is the designer version of the Mate 10 Pro – the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10, which will be priced at $1,225 when it goes on sale Feb. 18.

The handsets include expanded and enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities and dual Leica cameras. They contain Huawei’s Kirin 970 chipsets that are designed integrate artificial intelligence with the phones.

The Mate 10 Pro and Porsche Design Mate 10 models include 6-inch quad HD 2160×1080 pixel LCD displays, while the Kirin 970 chipsets include ARM octa-core processors, Mali-G72 12-core graphics processing units and specialized neural network processing units.

The Mate 10 Pro includes 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage, while the Porsche Design Mate 10 includes 6GB of memory and 256GB of built-in storage.

The handsets run on the Android 8.0 operating system and incorporate Huawei’s EMUI user interface. Also included in each model are WiFi 2.4G, Bluetooth 4.2 and Near-Field Communications connectivity, as well as a USB Type C port.

The Mate 10 Pro and the Porsche Design Mate 10 handsets are 6.07 inches long, 6.63 inches wide, 0.28 inches thick and weigh 6.27 ounces each. 


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