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Google Rolls Out New Slides Q&A Feature, Now Lets Presenters Interact With Audience Better


Google is releasing the new Slides Q&A feature everywhere, making things easier for both presenters and audience members alike.

With the tool, the crowd can send in their questions to the host during the presentation so that every individual can focus on the ideas being explained without having to keep their inquiries in mind until the very end. What’s more, they can vote for their favorite questions, too, allowing them to receive a response about what the majority wants to hear the most.

Meanwhile, the presenter can get real-time feedback, giving them the opportunity to accommodate and adjust accordingly to what the audience thinks.

As for how Slides Q&A works, the host will have to click on a button to turn it on. The participants will then see a URL above the screen. They can tap on it to start submitting and voting on questions, and they can do so on any device — a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Google Slides is also easy to prepare, as users only need a smart device with the app installed and any screen that supports casting via Chromecast, AirPlay or Hangouts.

“Slides Q&A makes it easy to interact with your audience — without having to worry about mics or moderators. Slides also helps you get your big ideas and stories on screen — without having to worry about wires or set up stress,” Google says, calling it the “show up, don’t setup” experience.

To keep the good news rolling, the company is also launching a new laser pointer feature for the Web version, timed perfectly with May the 4th be with you day.

Google Slides is available across the Android, iOS and the Web, with the new feature starting to roll out already.

It’s also worth mentioning that Google tested out Slides Q&A with Shree Bose, the winner of the first Google Science Fair. Check out the video below to see what happened and how the update addresses the common problems of presenters and attendees.

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