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Google introduces reCAPTCHA Android API to keep mobile apps safer from bot abuse

Adding reCAPTCHA functionality is but another tool for Android developers to keep their apps secure.

Machine learning and security were big themes at Google I/O, including making the Google Play Protect service more visible to users. In a recent post on the Android Developers Blog, Google has announced the first reCAPTCHA Android API as part of Google Play Services.

If you’ve spent any time on the internet over the past 10 years, you’ve surely run into Google’s free reCAPTCHA service, which has benefitted billions of users and saved countless websites from the spam and abuse caused by scripted bots. The service has become so advanced that Google announced it was going to become invisible to human users, while suspicious users and bots will have to solve those familiar challenges.

This new Android API will use that latest reCAPTCHA technology to run in the background so users can enjoy their favorite apps and avoid spam and abuse without being interrupted with a human check. The API will be included with Google SafetyNet, the existing set of services and APIs that developers use to protect apps from security threats. This is a win-win for users, who will get an extra layer of security built into their favorite apps without ever noticing it’s there.


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