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Google Chrome Hits 1 Billion Monthly Active Users As It Turns 50

Google Chrome has crossed a big milestone, the company announced on April 20. In other words, this week marks the browser crossing the 1 billion threshold for monthly mobile users, as well as Chrome’s 50th release.

While the company hasn’t shared the breakdown for Android versus iOS members, it would be safe to assume that the heavier number might just be on Android’s side. Still, this is quite a big achievement for a company that’s been around for only four years.

“We originally launched Chrome to give users a fast, simple and secure browser. That still remains our mission today,” said the Director and Stats Stockpiler, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury.

In a blog post, the team has put together an infographic reflecting on the company’s achievements so far. And there are quite a few significant ones under its belt besides the mobile news.

To begin with, Chrome loads almost 771 billion pages each month, says Google, and saved more than 2 million GB, thanks to its feature designed for data saving. Moreover, about a staggering 3.6 billion pages got instantly translated monthly.

The browser allows users to store login credentials for websites. This translates to to 9.1 billion passwords and forms automatically filled out every month, and users saved from the trouble of putting in details over and over again.

All this time, Google’s high-end security system has prevented malicious software from entering user’s machines some 145 million times. It’s also a well-known fact that the company rewards external security experts who helped them find and get rid of malware. So far, Google has spent more than $2.5 million for the security research hub.

In May 2015, Google had revealed during the I/O conference that Chrome has crossed the 1 billion mark overall, but with this announcement, the company gave no updated information on the same, keeping it limited to mobile users. However, the announcement reveals that the browser has managed to add another 200 million mobile users since its 800 million in November 2015.

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