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Gold ZenFone 4 Selfie Hits TENAA With Android 7.1.1 Nougat

The Gold ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie has hit TENAA with Android 7.1.1 Nougat for the software version, which is especially interesting considering the earlier leak of the device from ASUS’ own online shop, which showed Android 7.0. That aside, much of the information from the TENAA listing seems to match up with the details from ASUS. This includes the availability of the device in Black in addition to the Gold color shown here, and it’s also listed that there will be a Red model.

The TENAA listing states the ZenFone 4 Selfie will come in multiple configurations when it comes to the RAM and storage, with 3GB and 4GB options for RAM, and three versions for the storage, which includes 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models. Considering this, it’s likely that the 32GB model is the only one that comes with 3GB of RAM, as the 64GB version is already listed with 4GB from the earlier ASUS leak, and the 128GB model would likely come with 4GB as opposed to 3GB as well. Moving beyond storage, TENAA shows the ZenFone 4 Selfie with a processor that has a frequency of 2.0GHz, and while the processor type isn’t listed, ASUS’ own online shop already noted that this would be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 CPU.

TENAA lists the battery at 2,900mAh, but according to ASUS this will actually be a 3,000mAh battery, though 100mAh is not likely to make a big difference to most users. For cameras, the sensors aren’t listed here, but again ASUS lists the ZenFone 4 Selfie as having a dual camera setup on the front that uses a 20-megapixel sensor and an 8-megapixel sensor, while the camera on the back is a 16-megapixel sensor for main images. The display will be 5.5-inches with an HD resolution, though it’s listed on TENAA with Full HD at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so there are some inconsistencies between the earlier leak and this one. For the most part, the majority of specs and hardware details seem to be the same, and although the launch dates for the ZenFone 4 Selfie along with the other ZenFone 4 variants like the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro, and ZenFone 4 Max haven’t been confirmed yet, according to ASUS the ZenFone 4 Selfie will cost €299 in Europe, while the other devices are said to be €499, €399, and €229 respectively.


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