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Bayonetta 2 On Nintendo Switch Will Feature Amiibo Support, Multiplayer, And More

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Nintendo has unveiled new details about “Bayonetta’s” release on the Nintendo Switch console. The popular title will reportedly feature support for Amiibo characters, a multiplayer mode, and more.  ( Toshifumi Kitamura | Getty Images )

Tuesday, Nintendo pleased a plethora of gamers by confirming a slew of information regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Bayonetta 2.

The Bayonetta franchise will arrive on the Nintendo Switch console in just a few weeks and it will consist of a twin pack that includes the original story and the Wii U follow-up. The Switch version will also carry a few new updates to the game’s features and even add new modes.

Bayonetta On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo UK website revealed that the Bayonetta 2 title for the Switch will feature compatibility with the line of amiibo figurines.

The different toons will be used to unlock costumes and weapons from the game’s original release on the Wii U. However, players will not need to own amiibo figures to get the unlockables. Gamers can unlock these items in the normal gameplay but with the compatible amiibo figures, they could get these items quickly.

There is no word yet on which amiibo figures will work with the Nintendo Switch version of Bayonetta.

Additionally, the gaming company revealed that the upcoming title will also bring touch controls on the Switch screen to provide players with a more simple control schematic for players who are not familiar with the title. 

Even more, there will be a multiplayer feature for Bayonetta 2, dubbed “Tag Climax” multiplayer mode. This will be different than the Wii U versions of multiplayer and it won’t limit players to just online play. Instead, gamers are able to take advantage of local multiplayer.

However, this means that any gamer wanting to play the “Tag Climax” multiplayer mode will need to own a copy of Bayonetta 2 on the Switch. It is also worth noting that the online multiplayer mode will not be split-screen or same-screen. Again, this means anyone interested in multiplayer online will need to own their own version of the game.  

What Amiibo Will Support Bayonetta 2?

There are a few hints that some of these costumes and weapons coming to Bayonetta 2 will be based on Metroid, Star Fox, and a few other characters from popular Nintendo titles.

Nintendo still needs to confirm exactly what costumes will be included in Bayonetta but the company has a plethora of options, including Link, Princess Peach, Daisy, Samus, Pikachu, Bowser, and much more.

The Bayonetta 2 twin pack is expected to be released on Feb. 16 for the Nintendo Switch.

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