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Phablets And Apple Devices Dominated Christmas Sales

Phablets and Apple devices were the big winners this Christmas. Around half of all devices activated on the day came courtesy of Apple, while half of Android devices activated were phablets.(Photo : Apple | Tech Times) A new report indicates that the biggest-selling holiday gifts this year were Apple devices and also phablets from various smartphone makers. Although...

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HTC Vive VR system clears the FCC

A week ago, we told you that HTC co-founder and current CEO Cher Wang had mentioned that the company will display a big technological breakthrough at CES next month. Her comment referred to the HTC Vive VR headset, and was spoken at a developer's forum for the device. New, unofficial pictures of the headset show ...

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Google Now adds nine new voice commands for Android users

Imagine this scenario. Your lights go out and you can't see. In one hand you are holding your Android handset, while the other hand is holding on to a bag of groceries. But all is not lost. You say, "OK Google, turn on the flashlight" and all off a sudden there is a light coming from ...

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